The Making of "Meet Glen Campbell"


The Making of "Meet Glen Campbell"

Postby Dee » Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:50 pm

Cowpoke recently mentioned filmmaker George Dougherty and his music videos and interviews with Glen for his 2008 "Meet Glen Campbell" album.
Below are the five interviews currently on Glen Campbell's Official YouTube channel from 2009:

Also you can listen to an interview (audio only) about "Meet Glen Campbell" in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's archives from September 20, 2008. This interview with Glen was held in the Ford Theater with Julian Raymond and George Dougherty; moderated by Bill Cody. The audio also includes the screening (soundtrack only) of an unreleased "companion film", Meet Glen Campbell: A Documentary, that Dougherty also produced. (I haven't yet listened to the entire audio clip tonight; at one time, it was incomplete. Let's find out if the audio is now complete! - Dee)
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