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Wrecking Crew Songs

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Re: Wrecking Crew Songs

Post by Dee » Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:15 pm

Great suggestion, Mike!

During Jimmy Webb's "Campbell Years" shows, he mentions some of the artists and recordings Glen Campbell was associated with during his "wrecking crew" career, incorporating a short list into the show because he feels that most people don't realize the extent of Glen's session work--and should know the extent; Glen's guitar work was everywhere! (Not much reaction from the audience when JW read this list, sadly. It was an older audience, too, so names such as "Frank Sinatra" and "The Monkees" and "Jan and Dean" and others should have rung a bell.)

Would you agree that, generally speaking, this issue has also been a common one across the board for most or all of the session musicians with whom Glen worked?

I feel it is a common one and it came to be this way because the studio musicians were originally not allowed to talk about their work at the time they were creating it. The studio system did not want the public to know that their favorite individual artists and bands were not actually performing the instrumental tracks fans heard on these recordings. Glen always seemed very proud of this time in his career. During some interviews, he shared that he would have been happy to remain out of the spotlight and in the studio playing guitar.

Intriguing question about the songs...I will think on it! The only name that comes to mind is Frank Sinatra; would have loved to have heard Glen do a Sinatra Medley!

Suggestions from other members? Let's keep this "wrecking ball" rolling! :)

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Wrecking Crew Songs

Post by Mike Joyce » Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:19 pm

It occurred to me the other day, Glen always did a medley of songs he had the pleasure of singing with the beach boys on the records and live and in person as a beach boy, but he never made much mention of his time as a member of the Wrecking crew. I was thinking, it was a big part of his early career and I would have thought Glen would have been proud to work with these top notch guys. Wouldn't it have been a great idea to do a beach boy type medley of some of the songs he had the pleasure of recording on, as a member of that group. Just think of all the songs he has done. Which songs would you guys have liked to see in that play list.

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