Glen Campbell Talks About Tanya Tucker


Glen Campbell Talks About Tanya Tucker

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This is a new topic presenting Glen Campbell's perspective in his own words about his brief relationship with country artist Tanya Tucker.
In the last year or so, a few sources have erroneously reported that Glen saw her as the love of his life and that he never "got over" her.
A recent article actually reported that she and Glen had been married (wrong).
The best source about how Glen viewed this relationship after it ended is from Glen himself.

From "Glen Campbell Visits Larry King (2002)" on YT
Starting at around 6 minutes 13 seconds into this video:

From Glen Campbell's Autobiography:
In Glen Campbell's autobiography, Rhinestone Cowboy, written with Tom Carter and published in 1994, Glen was persuaded to write about his relationship with Tanya Tucker. He had been advised that it was something that people would want to read about--Glen's perspective on what had been referred to by the press as his "tabloid relationship" and by Glen as "his insanity". This scan was taken from the ending to this chapter in Glen's autobiography:

Excerpt from Rhinestone Cowboy by GC with Tom Carter.jpg
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