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Playing card set Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open (1981)

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Playing card set Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open (1981)

Post by Cowpoke » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:03 am

Another great new addition to Arlw's Glen Campbell collection...
Arlw wrote:This is a VINTAGE 1981 2-pack playing card set from the Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open from 1981. This comes in a clear and black plastic box with the opens insignia in gold on the clear front cover. The cards depict Glen playing golf at the LA Open with one set of cards depicting his swing and the other set depicting the greens scene. Condition: gently used, no missing or dog-eared cards. Pictures are below. The plastic set is housed in a black velvet soft case. This is really a great Glen Campbell collectible item.
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Thanks for sharing Arlw!

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