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Re: Ovation 1627

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:54 pm
by jay are not going to want to see this....
303320-356000 = 1985
Which kind of confirms my guess.
Maybe you are a time jumper and in 78 you morphed into 85????

Totally cannot explain it, but does it matter?
I was never clear on why Ovation moved the FET knob to begin with.

Welcome to the forums. If you have any other questions, let them fly...and you can certainly post a pic of your O. They never get old to me.

Re: Ovation 1627

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:36 pm
by Colmac
Hello Jay!

Many thanks for your informed reply. I can advise the serial no is 306402. It is the shallow body as you describe however I definitely purchased the guitar in 1978 latest. Likely a yr earlier even. The volume control is in the middle or saddle section of the guitar. Still sounds great & unmarked. Happy days 😎 thanks again for the reply Jay and if the serial no does give up more information please post.

Kindest regards

Colmac 🎼

Re: Ovation 1627

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:51 am
by jay
Hey Colmac!

Welcome to the Glen Campbell Forums!!!

Let me try to answer your concerns. The 1627 is the Glen Campbell signature guitar.

Your model guitar was introduced as the Glen Campbell Artist Balladeer. The two models were the 1127 (acoustic only) and the 1627 (acoustic/Electric). Generally, it was produced from 1975-1985. It has been reintroduced several times as a limited edition release, with different model numeric/alpha designations. (I think there was a VL or VC or something like that...but it wasnt American made) The "Glen Campbell" attributes are almost exactly like the Custom Legend in terms of inlays, tuners, binding etc. The "Artist" signifies that the bowl is more shallow. Glen wanted this to give his sound more "cut", effectively taking some bass response away from it acoustically.

Without your serial #, I am going to guess that your model is between a 83-85. I think that is when Ovation moved the volume/treble bass control from the upper bout to the saddle area of the bowl. I honestly do not believe they moved the controls until 83.

Look in the bowl and find the serial #...probably 6 digits, I would guess. If I could have that, we could get a lot closer.

Great question. GREAT Ovation guitar. Without Glen, Ovation would have NEVER been the leader in acoustic guitars...maybe it wouldnt have made it out of the 70's. It is a tremendous story of how one guy and a fledgling guitar company came together and both of them enjoyed tremendous success.

Ovation 1627

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:18 am
by Colmac

Can anyone help me with advice regarding the exact model of my cherished Glen Campbell guitar, I appreciate its ‘1627’ but unable to find another seemingly exactly the same.
I purchased the guitar new around mid 70’s in the UK at a considerable cost back then!
The model no is 1627 and has Glen Campbell signature motif on the Ovation signage in the sound hole, gold tuners, 20 frets and the volume/base/treble control in the centre - not the top.

Thank in advance & kind regards to all