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Re: 1972 New Jersey

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:51 am
by Cowpoke
Thanks for sharing your story Tetonguy. We're building a monument for Glen here and stories like yours are such a great addition. Thanks, must have been a once in a lifetime experience. Holmdel, that's were Glen recorded his 1969 live album didn't he?

1972 New Jersey

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:02 pm
by tetonguy
Thought I would share the few minutes I shared with Glen in 1972 .
I was a parking lot attendant at the Garden State Arts Center in Homdel N.J. I was in high school.
Me and two of my friends were working the matinee shift. It was easy parking school buses then hanging out for a few hours in the afternoon. There was a series of summer plays being put on for kids in summer school and camps.
Part of our job was security. It meant hiking up on a hill overlooking the lot and watching 20-30 school buses in case there were any incidents.
One afternoon, Glen was the nighttime headliner that week, we were on security duty. Keeping in mind the buses took up about 1/20 of the whole parking lot we suddenly saw a red Cadillac El Dorado convertible with a white interior pull quickly into the lot and kinda race around a bit.
We wore uniforms and had flashlights with flourescent tubes attached which made us look official and a walkie talkie. We stood up and waved our flashlights and the Caddy pulled up to the base of the hill (which was also the entrance road to backstage) and this tall guy jumped out and climbed up the hill towards us. It was Glen.

We were young but not stupid and we got all polite and asked him if he needed any help. He said "[...] no,I just need to hangout with some regular people." We all sat down on the hill and, well this was the 70's, and we had a bottle of Yago wine we were sharing during our watch. Glen took a few swallows and told us some stories of how life on the road sucked. He said " I hate being a prisoner in the hotel", fans chased him everywhere and he said he had snuck away this afternoon but didn't know anywhere to go but the Arts Center so he was a few hours early for practice. He said he missed his family the most but really did love the fans. We hung out on a green hill on a summer day for about 1/2 hour then Glen thanked us and shook our hands and hiked down and drove on backstage. We were all in shock and felt that our summer minimum wage jobs at $1.85 an hour were the best ever haha. True story I was there. Glen is a good man, I am glad I know that's a fact.

A persons real value in this world is best measured by the number of other lives we touch, lives lived like Glen are beyond priceless.