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Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:00 am
by Cowpoke
Yes those Starday albums, Glen did sue them at first, but he later settled and gave his permission. So, basically, they are legit releases. I listed them under compilations on the wikipedia page though. I agree, they are quite enjoyable, regardless of their history. Rob, all I can say, keep your stories coming. They are so much fun to read. Thanks for joining here!

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 1:19 am
by robduloc
Thank you, thank you, I uh, own or that is to say I recently bought and received in the mail Glen Campbell Country Soul and Glen Campbell Country music, early recordings that surfaced later in his career sometime around '67 and is even said to have fought to take out of circulation, can't say that I blame him although as a big time fan I find them to be pretty moving recordings really laden with strings,and lush arrangements I can't categorise them as stripped down mixes, after all the politics involved would you deem them main albums worth noting.

A poster on th efirst page mentioned that they saw Glen Campbell with Jerry Reed in '72, I love the YouTube of the outdoor concert where they are performing Southern Nights, you can tell Jerry Reed is a big fan, it look like he was serving as band leader, always in the background, knew well enough to not steal the spotlight, by the way Jerry Reed was swinging his guitar up and down it was the first time the arrangemnt for Southern Nights struck me that it could be based on a march!

There were a beautiful ladies in the crowd and we are very fortunate to have the performance caught on video, I also caught another YouTube where Jerry Reed is singing lead and Glen Campbell is backing him up and so the ;oyalties truly run high.

And yes, you can tell the pair have tasted freedom aalong with other collaborators like John Hartford, I know that Hartford loves Steamboats, a rich history.

"I can hear uou singing in the wires".

I was only nine when Wichita Lineman hit the radio waves, of course I immediately ran out and bought the album, and spent the next couple years wearing down the grooves, as a ten to eleven year old I was thinking, "Wait a minute, if he ia a lineman and can hear her singing in the wires does a have girlfriend that is a telephone operator on a pirate signal"?

Th e opening of Wichita Lineman has a wonderful blend of instruments, it's so beautiful I can't say what is the exact mix, but it sounds like a staccato flute of some sort, the funny thing is it always struck me as morse code, I can see the outline of a lineman up on the pole trying to reach or connect or reach his girlfriend, I can even see or feel him using a wrench to tap out some morse code to get her attention , but then I was only kid with an active imagination, the fade out for Wichita Lineman really does capture a vast strectch of infinate highway much like Gentle On My Mind with the ever flowing river.

I received the Surfdog box set Glen Campbell American Treasure in the mail today, I am in a mild state of shock, there is the instinct or impulse to sticck it under my pillow... thank you for all the wonderful support, I also got to hear Meet Glen Campbell last night , I've listened to it three or four times since then, quintessential numbers makes me anxious to hear GOTC again.

It has been therapeutical to discover everybody has some sort of memory they would like to share of Glen Campbell, my main memory is that the radio played his songs all the time, he'd be omnwhen I was coming home from school or when we'd be shopping at the grocery or driving in the car, floating freely through the atmosphere, people really took his compositions and arrangements to heart.

Still do

Have a goodnight everyone, sweet dreams*

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:35 am
by Cowpoke
your posts read like poetry.
robduloc wrote: I can tell you what I took away from that TV show, the rhythm guitar and banjo playing off each other, it's a stream, or that is at least how I felt as a child, the guitar are the big blocks of waves and the banjo are the little ripples straking over the surface, and the tempo is a man that is familiar with the backwoods and back roads, never too far from the joys and woes of the city but more comfortable living life on his own terms because a wise man knows the river provides.

Yep, heavy duty magic, a life cycle lesson for me, there's a river flowing freely in the arrangement.
Wonderful stuff, I love it. I'll tell you what Glen's music, at the deepest level, means to me. To me, it's the sound of freedom. When Glen plays a lightning fast or lyrical solo on his guitar, it's like he is transported (and I am transported with him) to this other place, where no boundaries exist, where anything is possible.

About The Legacy box set... personally I think it's a must-have for fans. Not so much because of the song selection, the songs on it can be found elsewhere too. But the whole package is really well presented. Great liner notes, detailed credits and beautiful pictures.

The other compilation CDs I would recommend are The Essential series, 3 CDs that were released in 1995. Also very well researched, and on this set, a lot of previously unreleased tracks.

About the 45 rpm singles, your're right, in the late 80s / early 90s, Glen stopped releasing regular singles. The ones that were released, were promo singles (mostly CD singles and a few cassettes), intended for radio. All singles are listed here ( ... hy#Singles" onclick=";return false;). In 2002, the UK "Rhinestone Cowboy (Giddy Up Giddy Up)" single was the only single from that whole period that was available for purchase by the general public.

From 2008, a few singles were released through digital music stores like iTunes. For those, physical copies exist only as promo CD singles intended for (mainly UK) radio.
The first "digital download" single to be released in the USA was Glen's last, "I'm Not Gonna Miss You".

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:27 pm
by robduloc
Yes, Yes, Cowpoke, I'm in... the I'll Be Me OST- will be one of my next purchases, that is the purchase of a lifetime, thanks to you!

Is the Legacy box set considered one of our icon's main albums, are there main album titles after See You There.

I want you to know that it isn't lost on me when you say you have posted the complete works of Glen Campbell on Wikipedia, I rely on you and your significant if not selfless contribution.

I have a little story, the other month I found the list of main album titles here, I scrawled them onto paper during my lunch break, it was the working list that I was going to use to make sure I get everything, three pages in my handwriting.

Well, I kept the list close to me, I'm a head day custodian at an Elementary School, I was holding the list one morning while opening the school, it started to sprinkle and to my surprise made the list look and feel like parchment paper.

But it wasn't enough I needed a working list of all the albums and accompanying songs and songwriters, you have to understand I was called very early too be a record collector, I started buying and collecting Glen Campbell albums in 1968 in my third grade year and by sixth grade owned over ten of his albums and so I mainly circulate on where I can see and study concrete sales and exchanges.

But 63 albums was a lot and soi I pushed myself out of my bubble and found a thread called Glen Campbell album by album, some of the things posters talked about where a little too critical for me, but most inspired at its' best when everyone followed the set, the main poster cut and pasted all the albums, songs and si=ongwriters from Wikipedia.

And so, in my travels I came back here and found Surfdog has the best forum and the cut and paste job is probably to be accredited to you, at least that is what I am thinking!

I have noticed there a number of B sides on Glen Campbell 45 Singles that did not make it to an LP, figuring those out have been like cracking the code or formula for Rocket Fuel.

I bought downloads of Guess I'm Dumb and Let It It be Me w/Bobby Gentry.

There is a site called Music Lovers where I wrote down the titles and Capitol serial numbers for a little over 81 Glen Campbell singles, but it drops off after the late 80's, I haven't seem to find any Glen Campbell 45 singles after that, it would help to have a working list of official 45 single releases during or after the 90's if there are any.

The next 45 single I want o buy is I Love My Truck.

And with my January allowance I purchased the Surfdog Limited Edition box set with the Glen Campbell Goodtime belt buckle.

As far as memories go, I remember 1968 my father bought our first portable TV, I had it in my room and was making a tent out of blankets when I stopped what I was doing to watch Glen Campbell and John Hartford debut Gentle On My Mind, time stopped for a moment, and by that summer I owned three of his LP's, A New Place In The Sun was the hallmark album, fresh off the press, I felt it that it was taylor made for me, still does.

But it was a conquest to buy and own Gentle On My Mind and Galveston with the heavier vinyl and cardboard stock, for a little boy it was a rich gold vein.

I can tell you what I took away from that TV show, the rhythm guitar and banjo playing off each other, it's a steam, or that is at leat how I felt as a child, the guitar are the big blocks of waves and the banjo are the little ripples straking over the surface, and the tempo is a man that is familiar with the backwoods and bac roads, never to far from the joys and woes of the city but more comfortable living life on his own terms because a wise man know the river provides.

Yep, heavy duty magic, a life cycle lesson for me, there's a river flowing freely in the arrangement.

Forever Gentle On My Mind.

Thank you Cowpoke,

love Rob

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:33 pm
by Cowpoke
Hi Rob,
thanks for sharing your first memories of Glen with us. You are really a longtime fan and I'm very happy you found this forum. We love to hear stories like that.

I only became a fan in 2007. In 2008 I set up Glen's discography page on wikipedia (" onclick=";return false;) with the help of some other longtime fans. Even though the post-2008 releases have been added the list, I forgot to update the summaries at the top! So, at last count, Glen has released 67(!) main albums, if we include the digital-only soundtrack EP for Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me. I started collecting since 2007 and I still don't have all Glen's albums.

"Ghost on the Canvas" is one of my favorites too, one of Glen's best ever releases I think.

Rob, welcome to the forums. I am looking forward to your next posts!


Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:06 am
by robduloc
I meant to say that I discovered Burning Bridges a couple years later, The Astounding 12-String Guitar Of Glen Campbell came out in 1964 and Burning Bridges 1967.

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:30 pm
by robduloc
Hello everyone, that is to say, how are you America!

Glen Campbell has the best fans, I have been reading all of your reviews on and they are the most warmest and engaging I have found.

You have been most helpful guiding me to all the most treasured Glen Campbell items and gems, this site has shown me that Mr. Campbell has 63 main albums, I am about half way through buying and collecting all of them, I did purchase my copy of Ghost On The Canvas directly from Surf Dog Records and I kept the mail wrap as a memento.

Ghost On The Canvas ranks as one of my all time 2 or 3 favorite albums.

The Deluxe edition of Ghost On The Canvas will be my main present to open this holiday,

My goal is to buy and own Glen Campbell's 63 main albums by this Spring. Kentucky Means Paradise is one of my favorite cuts right now.

I first discovered Glen Campbell in 1964 when I was 5 years old, there was a small record rack in front of the toy aisle at our local grocery store.

There were piles of jacks, Chinese jump ropes, paddle balls and pee shooters, I was more interested in the record slick of the Astounding 12-String Guitar of Glen Campbell, I had to stand on my tippy toes to sift through the rack.

Burning Bridges caught my eye a year later, I could read by that time and remember thinking the title track was a very powerful, deep and personal title... searing.

These are some of my first memories, scouring record racks for The Astounding 12-String Guitar Of Glen Campbell and Burning Bridges.

Glen Campbell altered radio format, he possesses some of the most haunting arrangements and performances to hit the waves.

Thank you for letting me speak my mind.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I care~

Love, Rob

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:34 pm
by shelia6673
hey goodtimemattie I too was at the same concert in B'ham with Glen & Jerry Reed!!!! That was my first concert too. That was way back in 1972 wasn't
it I believe in March. We didn't buy our tickets till we got to the door and we were really in the nose bleed section but still enjoyed it. Do you live here in
Alabama now? The 2nd time I got to see Glen was in Huntsville in 1977, Sept. That's when he was married to Sarah and she was with him. She was
just a little bity thing. This was my first time back stage to meet Glen when he had Roger Adams as his road manager, Then we had to have a letter
from Glen's secretary Thurley to get us back stage. Worked like a charm. Nice to have you aboard "Mattie" and a fellow Alabamian.

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:45 am
by Mike Joyce
Sorry, I just realised its not Disney Christmas, its Disney Country. I was getting ahead of myself there.

Re: Your Stories and Memories about Glen

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:57 am
by Mike Joyce
Hey Goodtimemattie,
I was just reading your post while while listening to my new Disney Christmas Country CD which arrived today. The track that was playing while I read about your experience with Glen and Jerry in Alabama was "Oh Susanna, I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee." Glen has a track on this CD which Dee reminded me of "I love to play outside". a great track.
Anyway welcome to the forum and yes Dee is right I would have loved to see Glen and Jerry do their stuff. You are one of the lucky ones.