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Glen Campbell's Mosrite Ventures Double Neck Mark 1 6-12 String

A look at the history behind many of the guitars Glen has used throughout his career.
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Re: Glen Campbell's Mosrite Ventures Double Neck Mark 1 6-12 String

Post by Damon67 » Tue May 22, 2018 12:52 pm

I had one of the very earliest Joe Maphis Doublenecks that would eventually become the production model. I was told there were 3 built originally, here's #2.

Obviously the biggest difference is the top neck, an octave instead of a 12. Set necks, german carve, side jack, mahogany pickup casings, zero fret with spacing cut into the headstock (instead of the metal bar), Vibramute (with the actual mute), etc...



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Glen Campbell's Mosrite Ventures Double Neck Mark 1 6-12 String Pickup Placement

Post by jay » Tue May 15, 2018 8:43 am

It is interesting to look at several of Glen's guitars to see how he re-positioned his pickups. It suggests, that Glen tinkered with the pickups to customize the sound he wanted. This picture shows a stock Mosrite Mark 1 Double Neck and Glen's. You can clearly see that Semie had shaped the base of the neck to accommodate the pickup's stock position, as seen in the right-hand photo.

Comparison Glen Campbell Mosrite Mark 1 Double Neck
gcmos612.jpg (75.03 KiB) Viewed 252 times

But then you have this earlier 6/12 where the neck has accommodated Glen's positioning of the pickup. Maybe Glen had played one of these before Semie made his and he replicated the pickup placement?

'64 5-12.jpg
1964 Mosrite Double Neck
'64 5-12.jpg (50.52 KiB) Viewed 232 times

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Re: Mosrite Ventures Model Double Neck 6/12 String Guitar

Post by Bluebird » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:43 am

That one could use a little dusting but never the less, it is awesome to see.

Thanks for doing all of this!


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Re: Mosrite Ventures Model Double Neck 6/12 String Guitar

Post by Dee » Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:05 pm

jay, thank you for another fascinating guitar post! It's so interesting to me to see how these pieces came together to tell this guitar's special story. Great job.
Many thanks to Kevin Lemons for sharing that most unusual picture of Glen with this particular Mosrite in 1966.
A big thank you to Joe Chambers, the founder and director of the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville for the information he shared with you.

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Glen Campbell's Mosrite Ventures Double Neck Mark 1 6-12 String

Post by jay » Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:09 pm

In 1955, Semie Moseley, an unabashed Joe Maphis fan, built Joe a double neck electric with one standard-sized neck and another in a shorter scale that enabled Joe to play mandolin-like passages. This led to Semie making Joe a 6 over 12 string guitar soon after. Both of these were known as the Joe Maphis Models. Around 1963, Semie signed a distribution agreement with the Ventures for an exclusive Mosrite Ventures Model line. One of the longtime moderators on the Mosrite forum states “Semie made plenty of double necks up until 1963, because he was still making everything by hand on a custom order basis. After he went into business with the Ventures, everything was so crazy that there were basically no more double necks until 1966”

At some point, Glen ended up with a Mosrite Ventures Model, double neck guitar. This guitar is almost identical to the Joe Maphis model produced prior to the Ventures pact. I think there is a chance that the Ventures may have given this guitar to Glen. In the book, "Walk Don’t Run – The Story of the Ventures”, Don Wilson states “When Glen showed up at the studio, he played on five or six songs. He named his contribution Cookout Freakout on Lookout Mountain, but he didn’t play lead on anything. I think Bob and I gave him a Mosrite guitar.” Guitar Freakout was released in Feb of 67…so there is a possibility that the Ventures gave him the double neck (which was one of their models that they distributed), in 66, when they recorded the album.

Glen’s Mosrite double neck is currently on display at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, in Nashville, Tennessee. Joe Chambers, the owner and CEO of the HOF Museum, was nice enough to take the time to share some stories about Glen's exhibit there. Mr. Chambers stated that he purchased the double neck Mosrite from a Sherriff Howlett, who was in office in the county where True Grit was being filmed. He stated Sheriff Howlett became friends with Glen and John Wayne while they were filming in Colorado. Mr Chambers stated that Glen befriended the Sheriff and sent him quite a few personal items, that are also currently on display at the Musicians Hall of Fame.

This picture was taken in 1968, at Glens LA home. The majority of the guitars in the picture are Mosrites. The 3rd one from the end is the double neck. It probably was not too long after this picture was taken, that Glen shipped the guitar to Sheriff Howlett in Colorado.

Mr. Chambers shared that the double neck was sent to the Sheriff on a greyhound bus with the shipping label on the guitar case and no box. He stated that when he received the guitar and case at the HOF, the guitar case still had the original shipping sticker on it. Thanks to Dee for these pictures of Glens Mosrite double neck at the Musicians HOF.
HOF 6-12.jpg
Mosrite Double Neck Ventures Model
HOF 6-12.jpg (58.51 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
6-12.jpg (51.89 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
To my knowledge, there is only one video clip of Glen with the double neck. That is a privately owned clip, where Glen appeared on “Dancetime” in 1966 with the double neck Mosrite. This screenshot was taken from that appearance and it clearly shows that Glen has apparently covered up “The Ventures Model” at the top of both heads (Many thanks to Kevin Lemons for this picture):
Dancetime 1966.jpg
This picture may not be republished, copied nor redistributed w/o the expressed written consent of Kevin Lemons
Dancetime 1966.jpg (53.16 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
Here is a picture of the 6/12 headstocks
6-12heads.jpg (95.59 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
taken at the Musicians HOF. Joe Chambers states “ The necks are dated Nov and Dec 1965. The Ventures name was covered with a piece of black plastic, like picks are made of. Looks like a professional job to me. They were glued over the Ventures name. One popped off is how I know

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