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Re: Glen Campbell's Mosrite Celebrity I

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:28 am
by jay
This was on Bill Mack's Facebook page. This Mosrite seems to show up from time to time, indicating that Glen probably transitioned to it from the Epiphone, for a hollow body. This is the best picture of the guitar (not Glen) where we see that he had his initials on the 12th fret. Another indication that Semie and Glen probably had a good relationship. Here is what Bill Mack had to say concerning this picture:
Here's a treasured "snap-shot" taken in the mid-'60s: Glen Campbell was nervously waiting to go on stage for a TV appearance at Panther Hall in Fort Worth, I was the emcee of the show. I did a bum job of snapping the picture because the director of the show was yelling for us to rush on stage, the theme was being played! I've often wished I could have had someone else "click" the camera and I could have joined Glen in the picture. I never had a picture made with this awesome, talented super-star.
glen and Mosrite Celebrity I.jpg
Glen Campbell and His Mosrite Celebrity
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Re: Glen Campbell's Mosrite Celebrity I

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:18 am
by jay
The only pictures of Glen Campbell's Mosrite Celebrity were in black and white. I happened to see a picture of Glen playing a Mosrite in Billstown, with his uncle, Boo Campbell. A little closer inspection showed it to be the one he had at HemisFair and in the studio. So now we know what color it was. Here is a framegrab from breautube's video Glen Campbell Talks With Robin Leach & Matt Lauer

09-1986 Fame Fortune Romance Mosrite Celebrity.jpg
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Glen Campbell's Mosrite Celebrity I

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:36 pm
by jay
The black and white 1968 photograph, of Glen with his guitars by his pool, is a testament of how much Glen appreciated the stable of guitars that he owned at that time. A good portion of these guitars were Mosrite's.

In this picture, the fourth guitar from the end (r) is a Mosrite Celebrity I.

In 1964 Semie Mosley (original creator and owner of Mosrite) decided Mosrite should offer a hollow body electric. He took a Framus body and created the Celebrity model. Soon after, he wanted a thicker bout version and created the Celebrity I (one). The Celebrity Glen had was probably produced around 1968. Glen's Californian was basically a Celebrity with a resonator.

Although there may be others...I have only come across one picture of Glen using his Celebrity.
Glen Campbell with his Mosrite Celebrity 3
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