Giveaway in Celebration of Glen's 79th Birthday!

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Giveaway in Celebration of Glen's 79th Birthday!

Postby Dee » Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:09 pm

In celebration of Glen Campbell's 79th birthday on April 22nd, Glen Campbell Forums is giving away original copies of a now out-of-print, collectible news magazine, Las Vegas Review Journal, published in June 2012 during the Glen Campbell Goodbye Tour. Glen is pictured on the cover as shown below, and the publication contains an article (one page and a quarter with a second photo) about Glen. The quality of the cover is much nicer than shown in the photo below, with deeper blue and silver colors. The inside of this magazine is newspaper quality, not glossy magazine quality.

We have about 10 copies to give away to members who have posted recently. If more than 10 members are interested in copies, we will do a drawing of 10 names.

if you are interested in this free giveaway, please send a private message to In your message, please include your name and mailing address. (Your mailing address will not be retained in our database. We respect your privacy.)

We appreciate you! Thank you for posting on Glen Campbell Forums!


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Cowboy's Last Ride_Goodbye Tour_Las Vegas_GCF.jpg
Cowboy's Last Ride_Goodbye Tour_Las Vegas_GCF.jpg (64.72 KiB) Viewed 1826 times
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