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Re: Fan Comments on Social Media

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:54 pm
by Dee
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The comment in quotes below was posted by charliek3100, a fan in Ireland, on a video Michel ("Cowpoke") had uploaded to the Glen Campbell Forums on YouTube Channel:
"Gentle On My Mind - Glen Campbell with Willie Nelson and band (great guitar solo)"
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"Charlie's" post is a beautiful tribute to Glen Campbell as well as to Charlie's Dad who finds so much enjoyment from Glen's videos on YT. His Dad has Alzheimer's disease.

Charlie also acknowledges in the most tremendous way a dedicated, loving, and giving fan of Glen's, Philip Jones. He had learned of Philip from a post Michel had shared on the same video page that explained the origin of the "Gentle On My Mind" fan video: "A fellow Glen Campbell fan and friend of mine recorded about 20 DVDs of material over the years and he was so kind to share them with me. He sadly passed away in 2009. His name was Philip Jones from Rock Hill, SC. Now we are sharing these videos with the rest of the world, in tribute of his hero, Glen Campbell."
Fantastic singer & musician that truly had it all. I grew up on Glen Campbell from the early 70's & through all of his madness & mildness, ( I think we all have the potential for Demons whether they be Natural or Synthetic ), & therefore I only ever listened to the performer & [....] the Gutter Press. My family & friends have often remarked on how under-rated he really is on the World Stage of Country & Western. He really reminds me of George Harrison of Beatles fame...just making awesome music & getting on with it. You may watch these guy's at their Craft but it is not until a little while after that you realize you've witnessed a Real Super Star that made you feel as if you were sitting in the Scullery with a few Hot Whiskey's inside you & that Warm & Homely, Safe Feeling engulfing you.

Thank You so much for Posting this & for all of the Music you are Posting. Here in Ireland we were never shown The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour or any of his TV shows. We were so censored by the Fecking Catholic Church that even Dean Martin's Show & many of Sinatra's television appearances were never aired here either. My father is 80 years old now and he was diagnosed with that Cruel Bastard that is Alzheimer' is an early diagnosis but he has a form that is extremely rare & normally only affects young 40-45 year olds. Anyhow he is still a very Happy man and just Loves his Music...all kinds of music but Glen Campbell is the only musician my father ever saw here in Ireland...Oh sorry he also went to the Eagles Concert in the early 90's in Dublin...but Campbell to my Old man was something exceptional. I play these songs you have posted often to him & we remark on how many views a particular song has reached each day ( if it's a favorite of his I am tortured replaying it LOL). Anyhow I have rambled on here for long enough but Thank You Again from the bottom of my Heart for posting these American only concerts like above as we would never have seen it other wise.

I have just Subscribed to your Channel there now and I am really hoping for more of the same from your collection. Your Good Friend had fantastic taste in Music mate & if ever a person wanted an example of the inter- connectedness of everyone then just read what I have said above. I am sure Philip Jones from Rock Hill SC. never realized an Irish man would be raving about his recordings now, today in 2016!! But without his Love of Glen Campbell then Classic recordings like this one with Willie Nelson, above, would have remained an American audience only recording that my Old Man & I would never have seen.

Rest In Peace You Exceptional Human Being, Philip Jones of Rock Hill SC. & Thank You : Glen Campbell Forums for sharing this beautiful music.
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Fan Comments on Social Media

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:36 pm
by Dee
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Glen Campbell Forums On The Net is always inspired by fans' comments on the forums here and also on our YouTube channel at ... 9og/videos" onclick=";return false;.

The comments posted below are two of the many thoughtful posts by fans who had watched "Glen Campbell - William Tell Overture (smokin' instrumental)" on GCF on YouTube.
Banjo Greg Cantrell
Please let us remember the excellence in this greatest of the greats, Glen Campbell to have done one of the greatest of all, The William Tell Overture with a full orchestra.
I heard it once said Glen Campbell would really walk into a recording session and ask to "sit-in". He truly is a remarkable individual to have hoisted that guitar up onto his back and kept perfect time as he played. I had pulled off a bit of the Foggy Mt. Breakdown on my banjo hoisted up. But, this is a totally different ball game all together. Glen Campbell the greatest.
I was a teen in the 70's. I didn't listen to country music, but Glen's music crossed over into the pop charts. All my friends knew many of his hit songs. I had no idea what an accomplished musician he was until months ago. A friend who sings the old classic country music in karaoke got me interested enough in the genre to learn many of duets to sing with him. It was during this time that we started talking about Glen Campbell and he told me what a great guitarist he was. Then he told me that he had Alzheimer's disease and told me to rent the documentary called I'll Be Me of his life and his family's life dealing with the disease. I found it on Netflix. It was very late at night and I was tired when I was watching it, but I couldn't go to bed until it was finished. I watched it again a few days later and will probably watch it many times.

It saddens me that since the documentary was made, Glen has gotten much worse and is now in the end stages of the disease. The last thing to go of his beautiful memories was his music. Watch the documentary and you will see how wonderful his family is and how they became his backup band on tour so that he could have one final tour. When he would become disoriented at times, they were there to bring him back. Up until the time they decided it was time to end the tour, his fans were so fantastic. They would never complain if he seemed to be off and would wait patiently while he and his family all regrouped so the concert could continue. Once Glenn got back in his mind, he just picked up where he had left off and never seemed to miss a beat. That part of his mind that housed his tremendous gift of music stayed for a long time. I think about him often ever time I sing a song by him in the female version, of course. It makes me cry a bit every time. I truly believe that God changed his personal life around when he married his latest wife and that they have such joy knowing that God has helped them along the way. What an inspiration. Even his doctors were so amazed.

Well, this is already too long, but I just felt I needed to tell everyone in case some did not know. And I wanted to thank you, for posting this video. It just makes me even more amazed at this man's beautiful gift to us all. Everyone who believes in prayer, please try to remember Glen and his family in your prayers from time to time. Thank you for enduring my sequel to War and Peace. lol
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