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Post by Dee » Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:12 am

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On July 6, 2017, Jazz Guitar Online posted "Here's That Rainy Day", a Glen Campbell premiere video on our Glen Campbell Forums' YouTube channel.

Comments on this rare performance by Glen are very positive:
I know Glen is not a Jazzer but he sure could play and sing, although i never disliked him as a kid, thought that kind music was bit square, i then heard him maybe 10 years ago, playing some Jazz Fusion
and he was ridiculously hot, he could play any style, but was Marketed as more a country easy music.

Anyway this is fairly newish unreleased, great vocals right there with all the others, just a very good musician.
Actually the first time I heard Glen Campbell was on a album called "Dylan Jazz". Jim Horn was the leader and some of the other Wrecking Crew including Glen were the band. Glen tore it up on that album, Glen could play anything.
This is a very nice version of a beautiful classic. Thanks!
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