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12 string electric

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Bob Willard Henke
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Re: 12 string electric

Post by Bob Willard Henke »

From 1986 to 1991 while I was Glens' Guitar Tech and Bass Player the backline was always rented. The two amplifiers on the contract rider were a Fender Twin Reverb or a Roland JC 120. Those were the amps that showed up most often.

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Re: 12 string electric

Post by Bluebird »

Hi Jim;

Glen seemed to like the Fender Twin Reverb a lot in those days, for his electrics and his Prismatone equipped Ovation nylon string guitars as well.


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Re: 12 string electric

Post by jay »

Good morning Jim,

Glen was fairly particular about his electric 12's, so I have a good chance of getting this one right. He was extremely faithful to his Ovation Bluebird 12 String. He played the BLuebird 12 string from about '77 to around '91, when the guitar was damaged by the airlines. When it was damaged, his sideman Jeff Dayton took it to Ovation but asked that a Hamer 12 String be crafted to Glen's Bluebird specs and his preferences. He played the Hamer from the 90's until he quit touring. So, from the mid 70's, until he quit touring, Glen was typically using one of two electric 12's.

Looking at YouTube, it appears that Glen is playing the Bluebird 12.

In terms of amps, maybe Paul or Wayne can stop in and share their thoughts on that.

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12 string electric

Post by jimcook »

I have watched the medley he does of the Beach boys which is AWESOME and I would like to know what kind of a 12 string is he using make and model if possible and his preferred type of amp.

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