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The Best Guitar Brands

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The Best Guitar Brands

Post by jay » Sat Sep 12, 2020 7:50 am

What is the "best guitar"? This is a question that is equilvilent to any political or religious conversation. Everyone has an opinion and there is no right answer. The editor of Happy DIY Home sent me the following article:

Glen played several of those makes of guitars through his lifetime. I have owned a few. Glen played G&L, Hamer, and Ovation for many years leading into his forced retirement. Hamer is defunct. The current folks running Ovation are not the ones that oversaw the company when there was a relationship with Glen.

That leaves G&L. I will ask that the editor do a little due diligence on them. The history is cool and they make a formiable guitar...equal to many and exceeding others in the article. Glen played the Comanche.

GC G&L.jpg
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