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Glen's special Guitar Tuning?

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Re: Glen's special Guitar Tuning?

Post by Bluebird »

I don't remember ever reading or hearing him say anything about ever using sweetened tunings.

IMHO, that would be a pretty persnickity thing for someone as laid back as Glen, to do. He would just grab what ever was at hand and let er rip.

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Re: Glen's special Guitar Tuning?

Post by jay »


Interesting. Something to kick around! Quick answer...I haven't a clue.

For the fans...A cent is a measurement used to measure how far apart two pitches are and is equal to 1/100th of a half step. I think there are 1200 cents in an octave. It is certainly a precise measurement when tuning.

The intonation of individual guitars are different. The manner in which is string is picked or plucked. String height. Fretting pressure. All of these would affect the minute tuning in cents, imo, of a guitar. A piano would be another story.

The only artist that I have heard of that embraces this method is James Taylor. That cat is meticulous in his profession.

I have never read an article that said Glen tuned via cents. I have seen him tune by ear....and that's it. I would think that the manner in which Glen played would destroy the initial tuning by the end of the first song, in terms of cents.

I'll ring up a couple of other guys that have forgotten more about Glen than I know. Maybe they can answer your question.

Taki, thanks for jumping on here to post this.

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Glen's special Guitar Tuning?

Post by Taki »

Does anyone recall a special tuning he used on his guitars to make them sound more "in-tune"? I used to have it written down after finding a reference to it years ago on the net.
Every string was tuned a few cents flat to help with the guitar's inherent intonation issues. It was something like:
High E : -4 cents
B: -6 cents
G: -2 cents
D: ?
Low E: -13 cents

Sound familiar to anyone here?
I've Google searched and haven't been able to find any references to how his guitars were set up. TIA

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