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My rude awakening with Alzheimer's Disease

Building on Glen and his family’s vision for awareness of Alzheimer's disease and caregivers' support
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Mike Joyce
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Re: My rude awakening with Alzheimer's Disease

Post by Mike Joyce »

Hi Macosta45,Good2me and Willie,
I was reading the posts and thought how much this film has affected so many people who have also shared that experience of losing someone dearly beloved. I hope that it has helped in some way but the sadness is always there no matter how long it was when your loved one passed away. Alzheimer's and many other diseases like that,which take away someone in stages is the cruelest of all. I wish you all well and hope that you find comfort from wonderful memories and the time you had with them.

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Re: My rude awakening with Alzheimer's Disease

Post by good2me »

thank you for sharing .it means a lot. i cried as i watched Glen's story; he reminds me of my dad. my dad had Parkinson's. one disease you're trapped in your own mind the other trapped in your body. maybe they will start making head way on some of these diseases i sure do wish we could save our Glen!!!

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Re: My rude awakening with Alzheimer's Disease

Post by Willie »

Sorry for your lost I also lost my uncle to this cruel disease

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Re: My rude awakening with Alzheimer's Disease

Post by Dee »

Dear Macosta45,
i appreciated reading your personal story, too. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
I am very sorry for your loss of your beloved Great Grandmother.
She was obviously special to you, and you to her because she chose to share things--that no one else knew--with you.
Your Great Grandmother was looking out for you.
It wasn't too long ago, was it?, when Alzheimer's disease was referred to as "old-timer's" disease?
People generally didn't understand Alz's and didn't recognize (all) the effects of Alz's such as "wandering" and depression and anxiety -- there was no information publicly available about its symptoms or how to help persons with this disease.
I don't think doctors understood it either, so how could family members have understood it?
A lot has changed in the past 25+ years since your Great Grandmother suffered with Alz's.
But we are still learning. There is so much to learn.
Thank God for the Campbell family for sharing a different way to help a loved one with Alz's. Also--how to help ourselves as caregivers.
It's really wonderful that Glen Campbell's film helped you to look at life and Alzheimer's disease differently.
Glen said in the film that he wanted this documentary to help others--and look, it already has helped--you--and how many other persons after they watched I'll Be Me on Sunday night?
(It will be broadcasted several more times this week; in fact, another broadcast has been added to CNN's schedule for July 4th.)
Be well, Macosta45, and please keep in touch, okay?

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Re: My rude awakening with Alzheimer's Disease

Post by Cowpoke »

Thanks for sharing your story Macosta45. What a sad story about your great grandmother. Hopefully, thanks to initiatives like Glen's movie, more people will be educated about the disease and give their family members the support they need.

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My rude awakening with Alzheimer's Disease

Post by Macosta45 »

I just watched the story on Glen Campbell (I'll Be Me).............Alzheimer’s Disease is nothing to play with; my goodness................IT RUNS IN MY FAMILY & I WAS IN TEARS watching him and how his family deals with this......... Then I think about my great grandmother and how alone she was (at least that's how I felt because I didn't know any different)................Instead of anyone doing research and finding out why she did certain things and learning about it they talked and talked and talked and talked SO BAD about her.......Not because they were wanting to be mean but because nobody knew what Alzheimer's Disease until she died was when anyone found out why..........She'd just walk out the house and would be miles away from the house before someone in the family would get a phone call to go get her............I thank God that nothing violent happened to her as a result..................The day she went to be with our Lord My daughter was a yr old (she is now 25) and I remember the ambulance leaving because the police who wound up being my sons father today needed to get there to take the report before they took her away...So when I got there and got out the car I didn't know she was in the house still and I ran up to the ambulance and laid down in the middle of the street because I wasn't ready to let her go..................I love my great grandmother...............She said things to me no one ever knew and she whispered things to me..................She was the coolest...........It's very scary to me, watching this story.................I see certain signs in some family members (especially my mother) today and I'm scared that no one is really paying this demon called Alzheimer's Disease attention..........They might not even know what it is and if they know what it is, they're accepting it as it comes but instead of being supportive; they're being negative about it................I BETTER DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY FOR MYSELF AS I'M OKAY TODAY............WE NEVER KNOW WHAT TOMORROW MAY BRING BUT WHAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IS WHAT I SEE AND EXPERIENCE IN THIS FAMILY OF MINES..........It's as if God woke me up out of my sleep to turn the tv on and flip through the channels when I started looking at the documentary.......GOD BE WITH GLEN'S ENTIRE FAMILY AS YOU GO THROUGH THESE TIMES.......HE'S QUITE A TALENTED MAN!!! ONE LOVE & GOD BLESS.

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